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:A Personalized Cat Collar for your Kitty Cat!

I used to hate cats. Okay, so maybe that’s too stronger word but I certainly didn’t have a lot of time for them let alone want one as a pet. This all changed though when I moved out to the countryside. You see, I live close to a farm and where there are farms, there are cats. Needless to say, I get a lot of feline visitors every day.

Most of the kitties live on the neighboring farm. They are very useful creatures for the farm environment because they control the mice population. However, a cat can not live on mice alone, and as I got to recognize the little felines, so my fondness and appreaciation for them grew and nowadays, I like to leave a little cat food outside for the critters which supplements their diet of rodents and birds.

None of these roaming felines wear a cat collar because they are kind of freelance pets. Every now and again, one or two cats decide that I am their owner of choice. They visit the property, chase mice and eat the food I leave for them. They are especially appreciative of the canned cat food during the winter months and I usually find more than a couple farm cats wandering around my yard. In fact, I’ve actually got myself a wholesale pet supply store card now, so I can bulk buy the grub for my temporary pet cats so that I don’t run out during the coldest months of winter.

Recently, I discovered an unusual kitty who wears a cat collar. This is not common among farm cats in our area so I immediately thought that this was someone’s pet and the family could be looking for her. This cat is magnificent, wearing long fur that almost looks like white feathers from a distance. Her eyes are so green that you could spot them in the darkest night. After fussing her for a bit I noticed she was riddled with fleas and quickly treated her with advantage for cats before the poor little mite scratched herself to death.

Anyway despite here being obviously flea ridden, I had no doubt that she was someone’s pet due to the overall appearance of her and because she was wearing a cat collar. After treating her for fleas, she wouldn’t let me anywhere near her again but I really needed to try and get to her cat collar to see if there was any owner info on it anywhere.

Many people will buy a personalized cat collar that comes in very handy during such a time and I was sure that this cat was from a loving home and has an owner who would take such measures to insure that that precious pet would not be lost.

I really shouldn’t have interfered with her fleas as she was quite warm and friendly up until that point. I just had no chance now of getting close to the visiting kitty let alone her cat collar, but I did manage to find a flyer with the cat’s picture on it with the family’s information. The cat’s name is Sebastian, and the flyer said that it is written on her cat collar along with her phone number. I gave her owner a call and he immediately came to my property to claim his cat. The cat collar did not really help in this situation, but it may have if I approached her in a proper and less interfering way.

Oh well, so I’m now a converted cat lover, who would have thought it! I’ve even thought about getting into a little cat breeding business for rare cats and placing a cats for sale sign up outside on the country lane. Hey. I may even do a cats calendar, cats shelter, a cats…… oh, I don’t know, there’s just so many things to think about now with my lovely new feline friends.

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