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:Finding the Best Dog Toy for your Pet Pooch!

I don't know who gets most pleasure out of the dog toy in our house, but one thing's for sure; it gives us all plenty of much needed exercise. We’ve always had the bendy, stretchy, chewy, plush dog toys in our house, as it is these funny little creations with their squeaky colorful designs and durability that have us running around for ages.

Ok, so you’ve bought a new puppy home with the intention of being the best dog owner you can possibly be. You wave goodbye to your puppy the next day and return home to find that the newest member of your family has decided that your slipper makes a great chew dog toy.

Dogs love playing with toys. If they don’t have their own dog toys, they’ll find something of yours to use. This can be anything from the aforementioned slipper, to a sock, to a lovely wooden sculpture you paid a small fortune for.

Dogs are not discriminating when it comes to having fun. They love biting and playing and if you aren’t offering something for that purpose, they’ll go out and hunt something down on their own.

If you train your puppy early with the idea that only certain things are his or her toys, that idea will stick. You won’t have to worry about leaving anything lying around, because as your puppy grows, it will understand that not everything is its toy.

Stuffed dog toys can be great for mischievous mutts, as their survival instincts allow them to really sink their teeth into these and show the toy who's boss. Once again, don't leave your daughter's dollies or favorite teddies lying around until you've trained your Rover. It can be very upsetting for young kiddies to find their Barbie butchered by Buster!

The size of your dog will help determine which toys are most suitable. You wouldn’t want to give a large bone to a Dachshund, nor would giving a small ball to a Saint Bernard be the best idea; he might swallow it in one gulp.

When you decide it’s time to buy a few items for the dog toy chest visit your local pet store. There you will find literally dozens of things that dogs can use to play with. Some are specifically designed to help strengthen the dogs jaw and teeth. Things like ropes with a knot in it allow you to hold one end firmly while the dog pulls on it. Dogs love this type of resistance play.

Another fun item for dogs is squeeze toys. These are similar to the type of toy you’d purchase for an infant. When the dog bites down on it, it will make a noise. They enjoy this and you’ll find them wanting to play with it over and over again.

Many people buy their dog a stuffed animal. These have several purposes. One is that the dog can chew on it, or push it around. Another reason some pet owners invest in this type of item is that it gives the dog comfort while they sleep. It becomes a very familiar part of their environment and you might even catch the dog falling asleep with its head resting against the soft toy.

Dogs never get tired of chasing things and for that purpose nothing beats a ball. It’s very important to buy one that is suitable in size for your dog. This is also a great way to introduce the idea of fetching to your dog.

Every dog owner wants to watch their animal having fun and with a few toys you can do just that. Don't forget that favorite of favorite dog's toy? The dog toys that all dogs love the best is the humble stick. Dogs just can't get enough of fetch the stick, but it's sensible to play this in wide open spaces. My brother had his stick go over the garden fence once and hit the poor old lady, who was hanging her washing out, right on the forehead, so be warned! There really are dog toys for all reasons and all occasion, from the sit in the corner and chew quietly variety, to the fun in the sun chase-and-fetch types. Remember, a dog toy is good for exercise and great fun too.

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