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:Frontline for Dogs Fleas and Ticks

I used to feel guilty for shouting at Patch when he furiously scratched and yelped as he attacked his attackers. One reason for my irritability was due to the annoying sounds he made from his scratching and whining. This really used to get on my nerves, especially when we were trying to relax in front of the TV. But what upset me most is that the poor little pooch was harming himself by this aggressive self attack on what turned out to be dog fleas. If only we knew sooner about Frontline for dogs we could have saved the poor little pooch a lot of pain and discomfort.

We had tried a number of different applications prior to Frontline for dogs and although some of them worked, he always got the fleas back within a week or so. We even treated the home in the places Patch slept and relaxed, but we couldn’t seem to keep the fleas and ticks away permanently. Thing got so bad for the dog at one stage that we considered hiring an exterminator to get rid of all the unseen dog fleas in the home, but then thought that we could do the home ourselves, as our immediate priority had to be treatment at ‘dog’ level and then continue with a preventative plan of action thereafter.

It’s no wonder the poor little sod was in so much pain and discomfort, as a little research showed us that the this tiny terrors are actually blood sucking parasites. Dog fleas & ticks are not the same as those which infest us humans or the family cats and so it’s important to buy a product specifically for dogs to treat your beloved canine. I can’t thank the producers of Frontline for dogs enough as it really is an effective product which kills both fleas and ticks for up to 30 days or more, plus its application is very fast acting and simple to use. I think Patch stopped his scratching in under 48 hours and I can’t tell you how quiet it became around here.

Before I sign off, let me just pass on a little more of what we found out about dogs fleas. When the flea bites, it actually injects saliva so as to stop the blood clotting whilst it sucks it up. This saliva contains chemicals and it’s these chemicals which often cause an allergic reaction in the dog and so starts the itching. If you look under the dog’s fur, you can actually identify the bites as small red pimple and it was only with the application of Frontline for dogs that we could get these painful parasites dropping off within no time at all.

To summarize then, make sure you buy a product specifically for your dog. We’ve had great success with the Frontline for dogs product, but not all products work for all dogs. We tried Advantage first but that didn’t work too well for Patch, but then again our friends swear by it, so be prepared to try a couple of products before you find the best one for your animal. And finally, don’t just treat the dog. You need to also treat the basket, blanket, or any other areas that it sleeps or plays.

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