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:Leather Dog Collars. Available in Many Colors at Varying Widths

A dog collar is not just an ornament for the neck, even though it's often sold as a close-fitting necklace for your pet dogs. A canine dog collar and a doggie identification tag shows that you really do love your animal and indicates that your pet pooch is a much looked after pet.

A decent pet collar shows how much the owner cares for his canine. In particular, leather dog collars are a great choice when it comes to picking a collar for your pet. They are sturdy enough to last for the lifetime of your dog and can be purchased in several different sizes.

Pets, and dogs in particular, are becoming more and more pampered as time goes by, but although personalized dog collars are one of the first things you should buy for your new pet, don’t forget it might be a good idea to also have a simple check list of other bits and bobs that will contribute to the wellbeing of your new pet. This is especially the case if this is your fist time at dog ownership.

You might want to invest in dog health insurance, for starters as pet medical bills can be very costly if you have to pay out of pocket. You may also want to take a look into some of the obedience dog training material out there or the numerous dog training schools. It’s much easier to teach a young dog new tricks than it is an old hound. One of the biggest problems some new owners face, is learning how to stop dogs barking, and this can causes huge rifts between neighbors if the problem is not tackled early on.

Okay, enough said on the new pet issue, let’s get back onto the leather dog collars. When you first browse through the selection of leather dog collars at your local pet store you may worry that the stiffness of the leather will be uncomfortable for your dog. Leather becomes softer over time and before long your dog will not even realize that it’s wearing a collar at all.

Leather dog collars are available in several different colors. The choice is really up to the pet owner. You may decide on a collar that matches the color of your dog making it less noticeable. Some people prefer bright red or blue leather dog collars. They enjoy the contrast of the color against the fur of their pet.

They can also be purchased in varying widths. If you have a smaller breed of dog than you’ll probably want to buy leather dog collars that are thinner. This will just feel less cumbersome and more comfortable for the animal. The same is true of larger dogs. A wider collar will look better than a thinner one.

Some dogs may become agitated when the collar is first placed on their neck. This is common because to the dog the collar is unfamiliar and new. Praise the dog once you put the collar on and then engage it in a fun activity, perhaps a run in the back yard or a game of fetch. The dog will soon forget about the collar completely.

Pet identification tags can be purchased at the same locations as leather dog collars. It’s a good idea to get an identification tag for your dog in the event that it does go missing. Leather dog collars are designed to be worn by the dog at all times save for when they are being bathed. Therefore having an identification tag attached to the collar will ensure that your pet will be returned to you if you should ever be separated from it.

When you are considering which of the leather dog collars to buy you should also consider a leather lead. Taking your dog for a walk is very fun for him or her and it’s also a great method of exercise for both you and the dog. Once the dog is comfortable with the collar introduce the lead and take it for short walks.

Leather dog collars are attractive and functional. Once your dog becomes comfortable wearing the collar, you’ll feel secure knowing that its identification tags are always around its neck.

Just to end on, when you go shopping for your leather dog collar, you may come across something that’s referred to as an electronic dog collar or a training dog collar. Now although these items may be sold alongside the dog grooming supplies in your friendly pet store, I personally wouldn’t buy one. They are supposed to train a dig not to bark by giving it a sudden shock in the neck when it yaps. I personally think such methods are cruel and unnecessary and all training should be carried out by the owner or a trained professional, not a harmful gadget. Okay, that’s me off my soap box. Good luck.

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